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A supportive guide filled with 222+ questions to ask the Akashic Records for healing, life purpose, business/career, relationships, spiritual growth, and more.

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Coming Home To Yourself

Cultivate deep self-trust, align with your Soul, and remember the Truth of who you are in this self-guided, intuitive mini-course.



The Coming Home To Yourself Course is made up of three parts laid out as a series of audio teachings with slides (including English subtitles) they are:

❊ Energetics: We will set your intention for the course and explore what your intuition is, the difference between intuition and ego, and creation energy vs. consumption energy.

❊ Integration: You’ll learn the importance of being above doing, how to create intentional space in your life, aligned rituals and routines, and guidance to co-create with your guides.

❊ Embodiment: You will drop into the sovereignty of yourself by releasing expectations of who you are “supposed” to be, learn to trust in Divine timing, and honor all the dreams that feel alive within you. This is where you come home to the truth of how you’re meant to express yourself.



Through this course, you'll explore how to:

❊ Ground your energy

❊ Create space to just BE

❊ Connect to your breath and heart

❊ Strengthen and tap into your intuition 

❊ Integrate daily practices and rituals that nourish your Soul, including meditation, breathwork, journaling, movement, prayer, and connection to Mama Earth

❊  Manage how much you are consuming vs. creating

❊ Release expectations of how you are “supposed” to feel or behave

❊ Trust your own inner compass instead of constantly seeking out others for advice

❊ Become in tune with your energy cycles and work with them instead of against them

❊ Meet yourself where you are with compassion and tenderness 

❊ Trust that you will receive everything you need in Divine timing