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The Akashic Portal

The Akashic Portal

The Akashic Portal is your grounded foundation and guide to co-creating with the Akashic Records in every area of your life.


Courses A La Carte

How To Read The Akashic Records

Experience an energetic realignment, receive the answers you are seeking, and connect to this source of infinite knowledge, love, support, and healing. 

Exclusively Available In The Akashic Portal

Creating Alignment

Open up new portals for clarity, healing, and abundance in every area of your life using powerful tools to manage, protect, and master your energy. You’ll also learn how to tap into your intuition, connect to clarity, own your unique gifts, and deeply align with your purpose.

$222 (Also offered in The Akashic Portal)

Cultivating Inner Awareness

Journey deeper into your relationship with self by exploring tools to help navigate and understand your emotions, create strong and healthy boundaries, release stories no longer serving you, become more conscious of your subconscious, and learn what it means to cultivate authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Exclusively Available In The Akashic Portal

Clearing Space

Going deep, being available, and stepping into expansion starts with clearing space emotionally, mentally, and physically within yourself, your relationships, your home, and in your digital landscape. We’ll also explore systems to stay organized, make room for deeper healing, and create space for miracles.

Exclusively Available In The Akashic Portal

Coming Home To Yourself

This self-guided mini-course is a tangible expression of what it means to remember the Truth of who you are, with actionable tools you can integrate into your life right now. Coming Home To Yourself will support you in cultivating deep, unwavering self-trust through strengthening your connection to your Higher Self, grounding your energy, and co-creating with your guides. 


Course Bundles

The Akashic Portal: Self-Discovery Bundle

Purchase lifetime access to the four foundational courses within The Akashic Portal: How to Read the Akashic Records, Clearing Space, Cultivating Inner Awareness, and Creating Alignment (all future updates included).



222+ Questions To Ask The Akashic Records Ebook

A supportive guide filled with 222+ questions to ask the Akashic Records for healing, life purpose, business/career, relationships, spiritual growth, and more.


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