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Course Terms & Conditions

Before purchasing, please see our policies below. Click through to our full terms and policies for more information.

Lifetime Access: You will receive access for the lifetime of that course, for as long as The Dreamerie continues to run the course. If we decide to take any of the courses offline you would receive a minimum of 6-months notice and the opportunity to download the materials.

No Refunds: Due to the digital nature and instant access to this course, no refunds are available.

Payment Plans: Payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated.

Defaults: If your payment method provided cannot be processed for any of the payments, you’ll be contacted. Your access to the course materials and community may be suspended until your payments are current.

Support: If for any reason you feel unable to make a payment please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will find a way to support you.

Content: Hilary Pearlson is the sole owner of all content within The Akashic Portal.

When you purchase access to this offering you are purchasing a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the information. You may not publish or share the content or your login details with anyone else.

You shall not copy, re-sell, sublicense, rent out, share or otherwise distribute The Akashic Portal materials, whether modified or not, to any third party.

Making physical or digital copies, printing, and sharing materials: You may print or make paper or digital copies for your own personal use only. Any other copying or distribution by any means is strictly prohibited by law. You may not upload content to third-party software. All materials are copyright protected and are the property of The Dreamerie LLC.

Personal Responsibility: By purchasing The Akashic Portal you accept, agree, and understand that you take full responsibility for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions, and results arising out of or resulting from taking the course.

Disclaimer: Hilary is not a therapist or medical professional, and these offerings are not a substitute for therapy, professional mental care, and do not claim or intend to fix, treat, diagnose or heal illness of any kind.

Respect & Confidentiality: By joining The Akashic Portal you agree to keep all shares within the community space and in group readings confidential between you, Hilary, and the community members to uphold the integrity of the space.

Content Flexibility: Due to the channeled nature of this work, all content is subject to change. We appreciate your understanding and trust in our commitment to making this the most potent experience for all.

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